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Project is licenced GPLv3, but requires a CLA, which asks for an exclusive licence. It then seems to grant you a licence back though, but wat? I asked in their discord about it, and got an unfriendly feeling response. They didn't seem keen to discus it further. My impression is they plan to pull a commercial privatisation on the project and profit from free labour, otherwise why the CLA?

Why you probably shouldn’t add a CLA to your open source project



Use git pull –recurse-submodules or otherwise ensure the protobufs repo is kept in sync with the main firmware code, or you can get errors for undefined protobuf stuff.

uC Task Table

What uC resources meshtastics uses for what.

Arduino's “Serial1” may or may not correspond to uC's UART1. Don't know.

On ESP32: Serial1: GPS

On RPi Pico: Serial1 (UART1?): GPS

SerialModule: Serial2 on all boards but T-Echo.

Console / usual debug output / USB serial: Serial

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