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Electrical Power Supply Requirements

NMEA 2000

I don't have the standard. The following is assembled from credible looking sources on the web.

Bus power supply standard from 9V - 16V. Presumably that is just a wide nominal 12V, rather than people actually choosing to use 9V.

Load Equivalency Number (LEN) - This seems to mean a 50mA draw from the CAN bus power lines.

It will supply up to 3A total.

Voltage drop must be <1.5V over whole network, to keep the data link happy.

Three different cable sizes are standard. The smallest one is common on boats.

“Lite” cable: 22 AWG power, 24 AWG data. “Micro” connector. 57 mOhm per m.


Physical layer of NMEA2000 is based on (same as?) DeviceNet.

Micro is M12. 5 pin, one in centre. Mini is bigger and has different pin layout with one at top. “A coded”.

  • Male on device.
  • Cables are male to female.
  • T-connectors (3 way junction) have M and F on the ends, F in middle to connect to device with M-F cable.
  • SeaTalkNG is same as NMEA 2000 but with a different connector.
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