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Possible research / work areas

Things that could be improved on from a basic system.

Low power design

Consider using: STM32L, or WL, module with lora, nrf52 or 54 if available.


  • Avoiding DoS.
  • Spam / abuse.
  • Forward secrecy.
  • Key management / IDs.
  • Privacy / anonymity / pseudanonymity. Cruisers may not always want to be trackable.

Mesh network protocols

  • Emergency messages, priority, QoS.
  • TX power management.
  • Integration also with wifi mesh, APRS, Amateur packet radio, …
  • Use of LoraWAN where TTN or similar is available, but no other useful mesh nodes.


  • Antennas, filters, and amplifiers optimised for use near masts and other radio equipment. Immunity to close VHF transmissions, and high power HF.
  • Low noise switching power supplies, e.g. for use beside VHF / AIS, HF, MF (Navtex) and even LF (Radio 4) antennas.

Environmental Sensors

  • Development of wind, air, maybe water too.
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