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Port 8375

Deltas sent over tcp must be entirely on one line, and terminated by \r\n. (What happens if there is a solitary \n or \r in there?)


Seems to be it's preferred transport. Port as configured web interface, default 3000, maybe 80 / 443.

NMEA 0183

TCP port 10110.


It can use a SocketCAN adapter, e.g. CANable/candlelight as follows;

NMEA 2000 Source: Canbus (canboatjs)
Interface: can0

See also: CAN Interfaces


Recently OpenCPN has added SignalK support. It will connect to a SignalK server using the websockets protocol on (default) port 3000. You might still need to build from source to get a version that supports it.


SignalK has pretensions to being a reïmplementable standard, and so has two sets of documentation.

N.B. The specification is not entirely implemented in the server, and the server docs don't tell what doesn't conform.

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