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Review of Related Projects and Products

Searched web, mastodon, and cruiser's forum for lora and lorawan related stuff.

Boat Specific


Good article coving some commercial products:

BRNKL - barnacle: ~4000USD, no subscription, works with other brand sensors, video.

Boat Officer - Various boxes ~400 EUR LoRaWAN / TTN

Float Hub

Series of boxes from 150 to 290 USD, with NMEA input and connections for bilge pump sensor and solar power monitor (these seem to be voltage measurements.) Some have NMEA 2000. Sends data over wifi or cellular to a hosted web service. Has web interface, API, and more recently a phone app. Logs data for up to three days when no internet.

Uses the NMEA 2000 library by Timo Lappalainen, not NMEA certified.

WiFi config by initial AP showing config webpage for WiFi station mode.

Open source

Other LoRa messengers Keyboard and screen, made from adafruit modules. Circuit Python. Author says: “The code is of veeery low quality. I can't stress this enough.”

meshtastic - Software project. Looks very popular, plenty of activity in discord. Many features. Mostly used on ESP32 devboards, a couple of nRF52 devices. Some boards on aliexpress come with it preflashed. It has telemetry and serial modules, and code for common environmental sensors already. GPLv3, but CLA demands an exclusive licence!!!

Meshcom Seems to be a verion of meshtastic configured for amateur radio use.

loratype board with keyboard and eink screen Uses or will use meshtastic firmware I think. E22 module, with Semtech's SX1262 or SX1268 RF chip I think. ESP32

Armachat Near no documentation. Dev maybe continued in a fork for RPi pico. Keyboard, screen SAMD21G18 for desktop version (pocket version use SAMD21E18 RFM95 Not maintained for 2 years. ESP32 + SX1276. Arduino framework. Web interface over wifi or app to bluetooth. LoRaLayer2 mesh protocol

Ripple LoRa Mesh

Looks similar to Meshtastic, but not open source. Weirdly, has MIT style licence on the provided binaries, but no source code.

Ripple Github

Other decentralised mesh networks and messengers

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